How to Bet on the Spread

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting allows you to speculate on whether the price of an asset will rise or fall. You can gamble on equities, commodities and even house prices. The practice allows you to bet on whether the underlying asset will rise or fall during trading and does not require you to actually purchase the asset in question.

The process of spread betting is a lot like betting on horse racing or football matches, only with a lot more risk involved. Betting on equities and getting it right is notoriously difficult as so many factors within a day’s trading can influence the direction a certain index will go.

Although there are massive risks involved, with spread betting investors could potentially make money with minimal cost as they do not have to physically purchase the asset at a set price. The bet you make on the market is your call, allowing you to subject yourself to as much risk as you think your money can take.

How does Spread Betting Works

Spread betting works by allowing investors to gamble on whether markets will increase or decline. For example, if the FTSE 100 stands at 5700 and you bet £10 a point on the index closing above that number, if the index rises to 5705, you will gain £50. Conversely, if you bet on the Index losing points and it actually gains, or vice versa, you will lose £10 for every point in the other direction.

Short selling, or betting that the markets will decline, is not achievable for ordinary private investors. However, if they were to use spread betting as an alternative, short selling becomes a reality and you are able to bet against the decline of a market.

Although the FTSE 100 is used as an example, spread bets can be used to bet against indices and markets in other countries. You can bet on bonds, commodities and even foreign exchange but will potentially need different accounts to bet on all three.

As spread betting is a risky business, as no one can predict prices in a volatile market, you’ll need some protection in terms of settling up with your funds from your service provider, and so that you don’t gamble away all of your money. Find out more on how to deal with potential risks in the Potential Risks of Spread Betting and How to Buffer Them section of this guide.


The first step for any trader who is looking to make revenue online is to know where to invest his funds. The internet is full of opportunities and the potential traders can easily find where to place the trade and how to bet on the spread he is looking for. The Spread betting markets and the financial markets in the Forex programs are the best way to start the investments in the financial markets.

After joining any of the potential spread betting programs, the easy way is t place spreads bet and start the investments, but the real money is not there. If you are looking to become a real money investor and to make it to your daily work, you need to know that you are one of many traders and you need to be faster and smarter in order to make more revenue than the average trader. This is maybe the most important reason to learn how to bet on the spread, at the right way and in the right place.

There are online services to learn how to bet on the right spread and how to build a real and profitable connection with any of the potential spread betting programs. One of the best spread betting guides in the guide called Spread betting for beginners.

This guide is the complete guide to provide all the needed information in order to:

1. Learn about the Spread betting world, industry and opportunities
2. Find the right spread betting programs and software’s to use
3. Know how to place the right spread bets on the right time
4. Maximize your potential earnings, with the ability to know how to bet on the spread.

Each and every one of the potential spread betting software’s for the new traders can be useful and can be scam, make sure you know the mother and the father of each and every program you deposit into.