The Naked Trader aka Robbie Burns

Robbie Burns, a private investor from London, is the author of The Naked Trader and website of the same name. According to his website, which includes a breakdown of every trade he has made recently as well as trades which he is still currently in, he has accumulated a considerable wealth over the years. He is candid yet humorous about what he sees as important in the world of trading shares. His website is also a must see, especially as he is so open about what he is actually trading and how much he is investing into each trade. I dare say with more popularity, he maybe just short of being a ‘tipster’ though he himself asserts that tips are not to be listened to and nothing counts for more than doing hard work and knowing your company. In that sense, just as he has claimed, he really is Naked. His style is very easy, yet he does not leave out much in the way of method. For newbies in the world of trading, the book is well worth it and for people who have been trading for a while, his insights are not so basic as to add value to an intermediate traders methodology. All in all, well worth the investment. If you can afford his seminars, all the better I feel.

I’ve analysed a load of the nakedtrader’s trades who publishes his commentary at What used to amaze me is that he’d get his entries below low of the day always claiming he spotted a batch of cheap shares on L2 and grabbed them before anyone else could.  He seems to have a good record, but not sure I believe it, as he is profitable year in, year out, and could earn millions a year working for a bank/hedge fund.

But seems more successful than Bernie Madoff at trading. Never even seems to have a bad month. Why?  But, looking at the charts, I would say he get’s inside information on a number of his trades because charts could well be deep into sell signals, yet he’ll buy and within days, or even the next day after he publishes the trade a new spike based on a news event will reverse the trend.

He’s incredible at picking stocks that get take over approaches.

He does know a lot of the directors of the stocks he buys.

One thing is certain, his trading is not chart based.

But then he’s no chartist and he freely admits it. Having followed him from Day 1 then experience kicks in and you get savvy, ie either short his stock picks which can be a day or on a lot of occasions these days as much as a week old or wait for the dip and jump on board, either way which he has made me money. That wasn’t the purpose of my post though because I only act on his picks very occasionally these days.

As for Robbie Burns I finally went to one of his seminars at Heathrow, for me it confirmed I was doing mostly the right things but I noticed a fair percentage of attendees didn’t have a clue in fact some were frighteningly naive. If you’re just starting out it would be money well spent. Its well presented with live trades and Level2 , and with 70+ people at 500 quid a time a real money spinner for Robbie. I actually had lunch with the guy and he came across as very genuine.

DMA was brilliant playing around with the spread on a share and watching market makers moving positions to suit the price you just placed etc. I think his main strategy is best in a bull market with averaging up not down being his catch phrase. Above all I think it’s the confidence the guy can instill in you and the accounts with winning trades and spread bets that he shows for all to see, great transparency. A lot of people fly in from abroad to attend , no whizz kids just normal people trying trade better. But for me the section on spread betting was the eye opener – it blows a lot of dreams out of the water, but used to back up physical trades is a very useful tool in our armoury.

All in all Robbier Burns seems a decent bloke but you have to remember that he has a big advantage over the rest of us because he has thousands of followers, many of whom copy his trades.  That’s why the share price of his latest investments nearly always move up straight after he announces it on his website and mentions it to his email subscribers.   I guess that’s why it mainly invests in small and mid-cap stocks.

*N.B. All comments are of the opinion of the author…